Polio Vaccination in Tribal Areas: Success of Pakistani Government

- Pakistani

In Taliban controlled area it had been impossible to vaccinate children against polio disease because their ruler Gull Bahadur was against polio vaccination. He had not been allowing any body for polio vaccination.

The people of tribal areas are not educated and aware about polio disease therefor they did not take any action against their ruler.

Government official had been making efforts to access for polio vaccination in tribal areas. At last they are successful to vaccinate children against polio disease and some other ailments in ‘Tirah’. It lies between the Khyber Pass and the Khanki Valley.

Cooperation of Pakistani officials with Ansarul Islam led them to vaccination of children. They vaccinated about 95 percept children.

Ansarul Islam and religious people are a group who aware people of ‘Tirah’ about polio virus that can cause disability for the whole life. Then they support vaccinators.

I quoted from Dawn, Pakistani officials said, about 11,626 children got vaccine against measles while another 3,889 new-borns and below the age of one month were vaccinated to safeguard them from five ailments.

Pakistani officials applied a new strategy to aware the people of tribal areas about polio vaccination that they went door to door for polio vaccination with the help of local vaccinators.   

Pakistani officials remained successful to access the area of ‘Tirah’ for polio vaccination.

I quoted from Dawn, Pakistani officials said, In Jalozai, about 50,000 children, who had remained unvaccinated for four years, had been given vaccine.

Pakistani officials have made their efforts so quick to vaccinate children against polio disease. It is a significant effort of Pakistanis to aware people about dangerous ailments along with the treatment.