Ex-husband of Ghazala javed (Pashto Singer) is Under Arrest

- Pakistani

Ghazala Javed was a 24 years Pashto singer. She was killed in June 2012 along with her father. She was married with Jahangir Khan on Feb 7, 2010 but when she came to know that he has another wife she asked him for divorce.

He became angry at this because according to him it is against the honour, to demand for divorce from woman’s side.  She got divorce on Dec 4, 2011 through court in Swat.

Ghazala Javed belonged to Banrr village in Swat but when Taliban came there to rule in 2007, she moved to Peshawar and continued to sing.
She was killed in june when she was leaving a salon with her father.

I quoted from Dawn, The case of murder of Ghazala Javed had been registered by her sister Farhat Bibi. She had nominated Jahangir Khan, Salam Khan and Naseer Khan in the FIR.

Jahangir Khan, her ex-husband is being arrested last week form his residence. He says that he is not involved in her murder but police officials say that they are questioning him.

Ghazala javed was a writer also and mostly used to sing self-written songs.

I quoted from Dawn, one of her fellow said; “she was so talented singer”. “The irony is when the government and human rights organisation can’t seem to take any action against such killings.”

Her disastrous murder will have a threatening effect on the careers of young singers and especially on female singers.

There is desperately need that government should administer the law and order situation more attentively. Government should strictly punish the accused.

This incident has created a threat among female generation of KPK that they would not be able to choose their profession according to their will.