Pakistani School Curriculum, Promoting Hatred Content

- Pakistani

Pakistani schools’ curriculum that is being taught at private and public level is promotion hatred against minorities like Sikhs, Christians, Hindus and Englishmen.

This content is taught at primary and secondary schools in Pakistani provinces Punjab and Sindh.

In this way negativity is being promoted through textbooks to innocent minds of children. 

It is being observed that current curriculum has more hatred content against minorities.

The hate content related chapters in the books are increased. 

I quoted from ‘Dawn’, Dr Baela Raza said the National Curriculum made in 2006 was much better in many ways but it was never implemented. Still, she said, textbooks were being produced that carried hate material and fostering intolerance among Muslims against Hindus, Christians, Sikhs and the Englishmen.

Students would be intolerant and narrow-minded to study hate curriculum.  Removal of such material is necessary to build a peaceful and tolerant society in Pakistan.

Despite teaching such content it is more beneficial to teach them about thought provoking ideas and to make them critical thinkers.

Innovative thinking and its promotion at all levels is advantageous to change the mind-set prevailing in society. Most important thing is that these practices should be implemented to make the students progressive and shining.

There is need to develop a tolerant society with the cooperation of teachers and curriculum-makers. They should prepare open minded students without biasness.

I quoted from Dawn, NCJP’s Peter Jacob stressed that hate material must be eliminated form textbooks otherwise incidents like Hindus migration to India and arrest of 11-year Christian girl Rimsha would continue to happen.

Biased content in textbooks should be taken out. Curriculum should be free from hatred material.

If this hatred material will not be removed from text books, Pakistani students would become conservative minded.
Students should be taught to give respect to other religions. Our education system fills innocent minds with hatred. The result is we have an intolerant, violent and corrupt society. This will lead future generation towards devastation.