Mishal Peshimam Fashion Designer: Introduced online shopping in Pakistan

- Pakistani

Mishal Peshimam is a fashion designer. She introduced the idea of online shopping to Pakistanis with her web store.

She worked in McCartney’s PR Company in New York then she moved to internal sales section where she gained a lot of experience then she moved back to Pakistan and open a web store.
She wants to do something different and advance. She wantes to facilitate Pakistanis with online shopping.

I quoted from ‘Tribune’ Mishal Peshimam says “People from the UK, US, India and Dubai will benefit more from this web portal.”  “They will get a chance to see what is being offered in Pakistan. It’s more of a platform for people who are far away from home.”

Her e-store offers clothing, shoes, bags and different accessories.

She wants to aware the overseas Pakistanis that what trends and fashions are going into Pakistan.

Online shopping is so convenient for people. It is a great idea that Mishal Peshimam is going to implement in Pakistan. Now a days technology is so advanced and creating convenient ways of living.
People can see the images in zoom mode and also in different postures. People can buy selected item at their home.