Pakistanis Students at London Metropolitan University: With Uncertain Future

- Pakistani

Metropolitan university in England is among the most popular universities of the world. Pakistanis prefer Metropolitan University who come to study in UK. Metropolitan university was one of the first international universities to open its regional office in Pakistan.
Open day was organized in Lahore Marriot Hotel by international regional head office of the university.  About 500 students, who were hopeful to study abroad, attended the open day session of the London Metropolitan University at Marriott hotel.

Mark Bickerton, the director of student recruitment and international development London was present at that day and he appreciated the achievements of Pakistani students.

Thousands of overseas students are facing the chances of deportation and 5,000 Pakistani students are among them whose future is at risk.
London Metropolitan University was allowed to sponsor visas for students from outside the European Union but this procedure is cancelled by the UK border Agency because of the supposed failures of its procedures.

Now the overseas students have 60 day ultimatum. In this duration they have to find another university for enrolment or they have to leave the country. Some of them are in the final semester with the aim to get a good job within a short duration and they are under stress in this situation.

Students have spent thousands of pounds to study in the UK and they have fear that they might be deported and never able to return once they leave the country.

The union says that it is harmful for Britain’s reputation abroad to educate students from overseas. 

I quoted from Dawn, immigration minister Damian Green told BBC radio that after an audit lasting six months, the Border Agency found “a serious systemic failure where it appears that the university doesn’t have the capacity to be a proper sponsor”.

He says there are many illegal students and most of students cannot speak and understand English properly.

I quoted from Dawn, London Metropolitan is in the top 20 British recruiters of international students, with 6,000 EU and non-EU overseas students in 2010-11, according to government figures.

According to President of National Union of Pakistani Students, the UK Border Agency (UKBA) should accommodate legitimate students on priority basis.

Assad is Pakistani student studying International Law, he said, I have been obeying all rules and regulations of the university and I am near to complete my study with the hope to get good job in future. It is injustice to deport these students.

Pakistani government and Pakistan High Commission in London should take steps to help Pakistani students whose future is in danger.
British government should take strict actions against illegal bodies and legitimate students should be provided opportunities to save their future. It is not fair to deport them while they are obeying all rules and regulations. It is just destroying their future without any reason.