Mudassar Baig Pakistani Athlete: With the Hope of Gold Medal in Paralympics 2012

- Pakistani

Four athletes are representing Pakistan at the London Paralympics 2012.  Mudassar Baig is one of them. He belongs to Pakistani city Faisalabad. Mudassar Baig will participate in 200 and 400m race with the hope of success in Paralympics.

Mudassar Baig is 33 years old post office clerk. From childhood his right leg was left shorter than his left leg because of polio disease.
Pakistani polio survivor Mudassar Baig has a dream to win a gold medal at the London Paralympics. He is enthusiastic to give pleasure to Pakistani nation. He hopes to fulfil the dream that Pakistani athlete could not fulfil in the Olympics.

I quoted ‘The News’, Mudassar Baig said, “It’s a dream come true for me and I want to be a role model, not only for disabled people in my country but also for the able-bodied who lose courage.”

He has the dream to be Pakistan’s first Paralympian. May Allah help him to make his dream come true.