Mr. Rahman Malik: Prepaid Sims Will Be Blocked That Are On Fake IDS

- Pakistani

Mr. Rahman Malik, head of Interior Ministry said, Government of Pakistan is planning to block all prepaid Sims that are issued on fake national identity card. Government is taking this step to prevent their use in terrorist activities.

Earlier, Mr Rehman Malik had said that prepaid SIMs would be blocked to secure Pakistanis from terrorists because Mobile phones have become the biggest weapon of terrorists in Pakistan.

Mr. Malik said that a transparent policy would soon be introduced for the issuance of prepaid SIMs and Pakistani mass has not to face any problem in this regard.

Now he is saying that only those Sims would be blocked which are issued on fake national identity cards.

I quoted from ‘Tribune’, Rehman Malik said “We did not say that the prepaid connections will be blocked, only the SIMs registered on fake identities will be blocked.”

Rehman Malik said that blockade of mobile phone services in different areas of Pakistan on Eid-ul-Fitr were of benefit and President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari appreciated Rehman Malik for this act of security.

Rehman Malik said “The final decision, however, would be made after consultations with all stakeholders and experts.” About 10 million illegal Sims are being blocked that were issued on fake national identity cards.

PTA had blocked un registered Sims several times before but the problem is still unsolved.Therefore it is not a valid solution.

Government orders to block unregistered Sims PTA blocks them and then after some time everyone gets back to their routine.

This is not the solution of problem to block the Sims because people will get some more unregistered Sims. It is necessary to regularize them with proper checks and balances.
Rehmen Malik said that Sims would not be blocked immediately but there would be meeting with PTA and in the meeting, it will be decided that which action is suitable.