Chakwal: Teachers are waiting for Salary

- Pakistani

Punjab government has appointed 1,303 male and female teachers in BPS 9, 14 and 16, in chakwal district in April. Now five months have passed but till now they are waiting for their first salary.

Teachers of other districts are getting their regular pays since May but the teachers of Chakwal district are still facing the problem of unavailability of salaries.

Most of teachers left their previous jobs for the sake of better job status but they are now facing the worst conditions.
Most of them have to come for job from far places for which they have to bear travel expenses. Since April teachers of Chakwal district are only bearing expenses and providing services but they are being denied from their salaries.

Some teachers told that they have to support their families as they are the only income source for their families that’s why without pays their survival is so tough.

District Coordination Officer (DCO) said that there are financial crises in the district from the last two years. DCO said that the salaries of teachers would be paid in instalments.

This act of government is demotivating the teachers. This all affects the education system of Pakistan. When teachers are not treated well, their concern to their profession would be decreased. There is desperately need to solve the education related problems to make the Pakistan prosperous country.