Pakistanis are forced to work on lower wages

- Pakistani

Pakistanis are facing a lot of problems. The unemployment rate is so high. So many young people are unemployed and some have to compromise on fewer wages work.

Pakistani people are in miserable conditions. Those some people who have jobs they are unable to get their pays in time.
Most of the Pakistanis could not celebrate their Eid wishes well because they were not paid. This is the worst condition of Pakistani people that everything is so expensive, no job opportunity and no payment for those who did work.

Pakistani lady health workers provide their services for solving health related problems but they were not being paid from the last three months, at last Supreme Court ordered to pay them immediately for their services.

A lot of Pakistanis are facing delaying pays problems like young doctors, railway employees, teachers etc. Inflation, economic crises, energy crises and poverty seem main ailments of Pakistani mass and these problems are becoming the cause of exploitation and crimes.
These problems are destroying the talented and shining stars of Pakistan.

According to survey of 2006, percentage of poverty was 23 and now this percentage has doubled.

Pakistani rulers are not trying to solve problems of country. These elite rulers should be replaced with the loyal and honest rulers. It would be a serious step from the Pakistani mass.