Cultural Events in Chakwal: With an Enormous Gathering

- Pakistani

Chakwal is a district in the Punjab province of Pakistan. In Chakwal, on 22 Aug a lot of people gathered in a ground to see the famous cultural event of Chakwal district that was being held.

There was a big crowd of people in the ground.  People of Chakwal were very enthusiastic to see the show and they were waiting restlessly.

The show is famous with the name of Chhat.  Chhat is a game in which two young men lift heavy bags of wheat in which weights of iron are included for making the bag heavy that has almost 400kg weight.

Mazhar and his friend Tauqeer participated in the game and they successfully lifted the Chhat. The crowd cheered with joy.

But now Chhat is not as famous as it was held in chakwal after three years. The participants said that now people are not serious about this game.

The other famous three cultural events held in Chakwal district are Karah (bulls’ show), Dhol Geet (folk songs) and Kabaddi (combination of wrestling and running).

These games are a strong source of pleasure and gathering. These other three famous cultural events are source of attraction by the people, till now. Especially villagers must try to come in these shows.