Sugar in Pakistan: With Increasing Prices

- Pakistani

Pakistan is an agricultural country. It has a great gift of fertile land. Pakistanis grow sugar on a large area of land. Pakistan produces a huge amount of sugar. Pakistan is the fifth largest country that produces sugar.

But unluckily Pakistani people have to face the problem of high rate sugar. Sugar is an essential domestic item in Pakistani homes and is used on large scale.

When the government allowed sugar millers to export sugar, price of this highly consumed item in domestic market jumped by Rs7 per kilogram.
In the start of this year the rate of sugar was 45 Rs/kg that jumped to Rs 50/kg then suddenly increased by 4 Rs/kg and raised to 54 and from a few months the prices are above Rs 65/kg.

It is thought that further export and price manipulation of millers would cause more increase in the rate of the sugar in local market. It is assumed that sugar rate would be reach to 80Rs/kg in a couple of months.
This year’s crop was expected to give production of 4.5 to 4.9 million tonnes. Annual consumption was estimated at 4.2 million tonnes. It is estimated if Pakistan do not export sugar then it would be able to provide sugar to its people on cheaper rates.

First of all Pakistan should maintain self-sufficiency level as it would facilitate its mass then it should export. It is definitely so difficult for Pakistani people to survive with the high rates of sugar.