Veena Malik: With Astaghfar TV show

- Pakistani

Veena Malik is a Pakistani actress. She did many cheap things in India to gain fame, as a result to which people of Pakistan strongly hated her.

She is hosting a program in Ramadan in which she is going to encourage others to seek forgiveness in this great month. Her get up does not show any obligation of Islam. She is even without proper dopata in the Islamic programme and Islam has ordered proper ‘parda’ for woman.

When a Muslim teaches the Islamic lessons with the fear of Allah, his/ her face represents spiritual feelings. But there seems nothing on her face without artificial make up.

When Hero TV brought her on ‘Astaghfar’ TV show for the first time, Pakistanis showed great anger that the channel decided to cancel the show, which was prepared for the Holy month of Ramadan.

But now veena Malik is back to host the “Astaghfaar” show. Hero TV channel took the risk to on-air the “Astaghfaar” show hosted by Veena Malik in order to cover-up the loss which they had to bear for dropping her.

In one of her shows she was acting to inspire the people by asking it is your duty to make your parents happy and a caller made her senses active by realizing that you could not practically implement in your life.

Most of the Pakistani women show their anger saying that it is the insult of a woman to allow Veena Malik to host ‘Astaghfar’ show.

Veena Malik is just acting by crocodile tears as she supposed to repent from her sins. She is absolutely misfit for such religious program.  TV channels should take care to broadcast transmissions and especially Islamic transmissions. They should not sacrifice Islamic values for the sake of money.