Pakistan Independence Day Celebrations

- Pakistani

Pakistan Independence day (14th August), in the holy month of Ramadan, reminds a historic moment. In 1947 when Muslims gained independence from British, under the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, it was 27th of Ramadan that is auspicious day for Muslims.

This year 65th Pakistan Independence day is on 25th of Ramadan. People all over Pakistan celebrate Independence Day with patriotic zest.  Pakistanis celebrate Pakistan Independence day with full devotion and thrill. This day is an occasion to promote patriotism and national unity.

Pakistanis decorate almost the whole country with flags and lights. The official festivals take place in Islamabad that begins with the raising of the national flag on the President and Prime Minister. They deliver speeches in which they highlight government achievements and goals for future. Their speeches are televised live.

Students form different schools and colleges sing Patriotic songs and present different cultural programs. These students welcome to President and Prime Minister with bunches of flowers. President and Prime Minister distribute prices among students.  All celebratory transmissions are televised live.

In cities around Pakistan Flag hoisting ceremonies are done by senior officers or Nazim (Mayor) in the provincial capitals. Students present cultural programs and dramas related to independence as a part of Pakistan Independence Day’s celebration.

Pakistan television (PTV) broadcast different programs that are related to Pakistan Independence. These programs remind us the sacrifices for a separate home land.

In Pakistan there is public holiday on 14th August and all Pakistanis seem busy in celebrating Pakistan Independence Day in different ways. Some people invite their families and friends for an outing to see entertainment programs and competitions live. Most of the Pakistanis put badges of national flags on their shirts.

Changing of the guard at the mausoleum of Mohammed Ali Jinnah, Mazar-e-Quaid, is another important event of 14th August.
Anniversary of Pakistan reminds us of countless sacrifices. From the past few years Pakistan is going to darkness. There is desperately a need to take special actions for the betterment of Pakistan by every Pakistani.

Let’s promise on this Independence Day to work hard with sincerity for Pakistan’s best future.