Ramadan (Ramazan) in Pakistan

- Pakistani

Ramadan is an auspicious month for Muslims. In Ramadan Allah opens the blessing doors and a good deed is rewarded as 70 times greater than other months.

When Christians and other religious people celebrate their religious festivals they reduce the prices to facilitate the people, but in Pakistan Muslims are facing a lot of problems during the holy month of Ramadan.

Prices of daily use items have increased as profiteers have become active to gain maximum profit during Ramadan. It is being observed by everyone that in Ramadan there is a dramatic increase in the prices of essential goods, such as fruits and vegetables.

Other countries respect the Muslims’ holy month of Ramadan. Like in England most of the stores provide a variety of special Asian food items at reduced prices. I am surprised to see that they have displayed posters of Ramadan Mubarak. When they say Ramadan Mubarak they mean it by providing facilities to the Muslims but Pakistani traders create problems for the people that they cannot get eatable things.

Some greedy traders do not have the fear of Allah and they sell essential goods in high rates that are out of the reach for majority of Pakistanis. Rate lists are issued by the local administration but there is no implementation of these rates. Rate lists are only showpiece in shops for wholesalers and retailers.

When shopkeepers are asked about the increasing prices they say that they get from wholesale stocks with increased prices and they increase some more price to get their own benefit.

According to Sunnah every Muslim eats date while breaking the fast (iftar). Normal quality dates are available from Rs 350 to Rs 550 per kg. Apples and grapes are 200 Rs per kg. Besan (gram flour) which is regularly used in Ramazan for pakoras, is available at Rs 120 to 130 per kg and Bananas are also 120 140 Rs per kg.

Every person living in Pakistan is shocked about the unbelievable price increment of food during Ramadan. Pakistani government should take serious steps to solve this major problem. Provincial administration and ministries should appoint more officers to investigate theses increasing prices.

Serious actions should be taken against these merchants who increase prices during Ramadan and there should be proper rules and rating schedules. Those people should be punished strictly who do not follow rules. These actions are necessary for the survival of Pakistani people.