Pakistani sprinter Liaqat Ali in London Olympics 2012

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Liaqat Ali is 28 years old Pakistani athlete. Pakistani sprinter Liaqat Ali is selected to participate in 100m race in the Olympics through wildcard.  The race is going to take place on August 4.

Pakistani sprinter Liaqat Ali is hoping to win a medal running against Usain Bolt and Tyson Gay in London Olympics 2012.

Liaqat Ali holds the national record of a 10.10. Usain bolt has set world record of 9.58. Liaqat Ali needs to improve his potentials to break the world’s record. Liaqat Ali likes Tyson Gay’s running style and wants to be like him.

Liaqat Ali’s coach Maqsood Ahmed has told that he has worked hard with the aim to break the world’s record and he has potentials to perform better than national record.

Here is a tricky situation for Liaqat Ali that Olympics are taking place in Ramazan. Like other Muslims it was difficult for Liaqat Ali to choose one between these. On one side is the holy month of Ramazan and on the other side is dreams of Olympics. Liaqat Ali told that he would try his best to compensate his observance. He is fasting during training and he would delay the fast of the competition day.

Liaqat Ali represents Pakistan Army in national competitions. In the 44th National Athletics Championship Liaqat Ali won gold medals in the 100m, 200m and 4X100m proving him the best male athlete.

Due to minor injuries Sprinter Liaqat Ali has been suffering from stiff legs recently but now he has recovered to a great extent. His coach told that it is because of the mondo track.

In Pakistan athletes have been practicing on tartan tracks but now they have to practice on mondo tracks. Liaqat Ali and his coach are confident enough that he would be practiced on the new track by availing the time and would be able to show his potentials in competition.

Pakistan’s 100m sprinter Liaqat Ali has adopted a simple, step-by-step plan to succeed at the London Olympics. This competition will be very tough for Liaqat Ali but he has the passion and enthusiasm to win.

May Allah help him and his dreams would be able to come true.