Pakistan Hockey Team in London Olympics 2012

- Pakistani

Hockey is Pakistan’s national game. It has been a dream of Pakistani players to participate and win in Olympics by playing their national game and now it is fulfilling.

Pakistan has been showing best performance in hockey. Pakistan got three gold medals, three silver and two bronze before entering in London Olympics 2012. Pakistani hockey team got Olympic gold medals in 1960, 1968 and 1984.  In 2010 Commonwealth Games Pakistan won gold medal.

Pakistan has played two matches in London Olympics 2012. In the first match, they played against Spain working hard to show best performance but they could not win the match. They got a draw against Spain.

In the second match Paistan defeated Argentina by 2-0. Pakistani players Mohammad Imran and Captain Sohail Abbas performed the best.

Muhammad Imran converted the available chance into goal in the 30th minute to give 1-0 lead to Pakistan. Pakistani team got motivation and they were ensured that Pakistan is on top at the end of first half.

In the 44th minute, Sohail Abbas, captain of Pakistan hockey team, scored second goal for Pakistan.

Players of Argentina worked hard and had the chances but they could not convert the chances into goals. Pakistani hockey team got success by continuing their efforts to win and save their goals.

Pakistan is on the road to victory. May Allah bless Pakistani players with success and their dreams would be able to come true.