About Pakistan: University of the Punjab (aka Punjab University) Lahore

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University of the Punjab is usually known as Punjab University. Punjab University is located in Lahore that is second largest city of Pakistan and so called ‘heart of Pakistan’. Lahore has mixed culture with modern sites to old sites. It is popular as the historical city of Pakistan. Lahore is known as Pakistan’s educational capital, with more colleges and universities than any other city in Pakistan.

Punjab University is the oldest and biggest university of Pakistan. Punjab University was established in 1882. It was the fourth university to be established by the British colonial authorities on the Indian subcontinent. The previous three universities were only examining institutions but Punjab University was for teaching as well as for examining right from the beginning.

From 1882 to 1947, the creation of Pakistan, Punjab University served as an educational institute of the entire region of pre-partition Punjab and northern India.

Mohindra College, Patiala was the first college of higher learning to affiliate with University of Punjab in 1882; followed by St. Stephen’s College, Delhi. The current Institute of Administrative Sciences was created in 1962.

Now Punjab University has 5 campuses, in different cities. 2 campuses are in Lahore (Allama Iqbal campus, old campus), (Quaid-e-Azam campus, new campus), 1 campus is in Gujranwala, 1 campus in Khanspur and 1 newly established campus in Jhelum. Many institutions are affiliated with the Punjab University. Now some of major institutions that were previously affiliated to Punjab University have now become independent universities on their own, such as Government College University, Lahore and Medical and Engineering Colleges.

Governor of Punjab is the chancellor of Punjab University. Punjab University provides various programs of studies for Undergraduates and masters students as well as for the post graduate students. Punjab University has annual based system. Its medium of instruction is English and Urdu. Approximately 30,608 on-campus students are studying in Punjab University.

Punjab University provides the opportunity to the private students who study at their homes or private institutions and can take annual examination by the Punjab University and university gives them degree according to their qualification. There are a number of such students especially for Master’s program. Approximately 442,000 off-campus students are able to avail the facilities of studying by Punjab University.

Punjab University Library is one of the biggest libraries in universities of Pakistan. The library has more than 500,000 collections of books, magazines and periodicals. The books are in national and international languages and different types as print material, CDs, DVDs, Microfilms, Video and Audio Cassettes etc.

Punjab University is the first public university in the field of IT to lay down 42 Km. long fibre Optic Cable Network: having 74 optical fibre nodes serving all departments, hostels and Administrative Block through local area network.

Punjab University provides the facility of accommodation to the regular students. At present Punjab University has 26 hostels 16 for male and 10 for female students. Each hostel is looked after by a Warden and a Superintendent, who are generally members of the academic faculty. Management of the hostels is coordinated by the Chairman Hall Council, who is a senior faculty member. It also provides accommodation facility to the staff members.

To enhance student teacher interaction through distance learning, Punjab University provides the facility of video conferencing to the students that they can get the chance of learning through more qualified teachers by online lectures and they can exchange their ideas.

Punjab University is trying for further developments for providing more advantages to the students in different areas of Pakistan.