About Pakistan: Pakistan Television (PTV)

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Pakistan Television is a public and commercial broadcasting television network. All its shares are held by Government of Pakistan. Its headquarters are in Karachi.

It was basically a private sector project that was started in 1961 by an industrialist Syed Wajjid Ali who made a joint scheme agreement with Nipon Electric Company (NEC) of Japan. He appointed Pakistani engineer Ubaidur Rahman as head of the Pakistan Television (PTV).

In 1963 the Ayub Khan Government took the decision to establish a general purpose television service with the participation of private capital and under the general supervision of the Government of Pakistan. President Ayub Khan re-appointed Ubaidur Rahman in 1963 under the Ministry of Information to continue with the NEC joint collaboration to launch Pakistan Television (PTV).

On November 26, 1964 the first official television station started transmission broadcasts from Lahore, followed by Dhaka in 1965. A third centre was established in Rawalpindi-Islamabad in 1965. Later centres in Peshawar and Quetta were established by 1974.

In 1971, Pakistan Television PTV was brought completely under the government ownership management of Government of Pakistan, under a “Nationalization programme and expanded its network all over Pakistan.  Pakistan Television (PTV) was the first major on-screen media broadcasting network in Pakistan.

Originally broadcast of Pakistan Television (PTV) was in black and white, and then gradually it started moving towards development and advancements. It began colour transmission in 1976. Pakistan Television (PTV) launched a full-scale satellite broadcasting service in 1991 and Digital TV satellite broadcasting was launched in 1999.

Now Pakistan Television (PTV) broadcast a variety of programs which are considered as the best in sub-continent. During the few years Pakistan Television (PTV) has some divisions of its transmissions like PTV Home (24-hour entertainment channel), PTV News (24-hour news channel), PTV Sports (about sports programs), PTV Bolan (for Pashto language programs), PTV National(for the transmission of different Pakistani languages program) AJK TV(about the residents of Kashmir).

To finance the station Government of Pakistan has allowed Pakistan Television (PTV) to charge the amount of Rs.35 per month TV fee to all the consumers of electricity. This amount is paid with the electricity bill.