About Pakistan: Karachi Port

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Karachi port is Pakistan’s largest and busiest seaport, handling about 60% of the nation’s cargo (25 million tons per annum). It is located between the Karachi towns of Kiamari and Saddar, close to the main business district and several industrial areas.

The geographic position of the port places it close to major shipping routes such as the Strait of Hormuz. Karachi Sea Port was first opened in 1864 during British Raj; the administration of the port is carried out by the Karachi Port Trust.

Karachi Port has two integrated container terminals and some conventional berths while Karachi Port has Karachi International Container Terminal (KICT) which is a Hutchinson owned terminal.

This terminal is located on the West Wharf of Karachi. This is important as moving cargo from East Wharf to West Wharf is not easy. Karachi International Container Terminal (KICT) supplies main line operators and most of the operators call East Wharf where they have to use their ship’s gear or the mobile cranes.

The Karachi Dock Labour Board (KDLB) is responsible for labour relations between employees and the Karachi Port Trust. In October 2006, the Pakistan government decided to close down Karachi Dock Labour Board by the end of the year as part of its port strategy and under the National Trade Corridor (NTC) programme.