Education Quality in Private Schools

- Pakistani

Private schools are independent and self-directed schools. For primary and middle level they decide their curriculum independently. They try to select challenging curriculum that is according to the modern needs.

It is an acceptable fact that, the standard of private schools is more reliable and first-rate than Public Schools and Madarsas. Private schools provide quality education and enough facilities to the students.  Teachers teach by using different modern techniques to develop students’ interest.

Due to the poor performance of public schools (or Govt schools) parents are forced to send their children to private schools. Today, even poor prefer to send their children in these private schools but because of high fee structure many aspirants are unable to part this Education System.

I think the major cause; behind the success of private schools is accountability, transparency and checking system. Generally, the students of private schools are more competent and confident than those of public schools and madrasas.

It is broadly seen that private schools are getting success quickly but they charge heavy fees which is out of reach for many Pakistanis.  Unfortunately, the families who can pay for this modern education are a minority in Pakistan. What becomes of the other Pakistan, the majority, will be the key to the country’s future.

Public school graduates often fail to secure living wages, much less professional careers, and become frustrated and resentful. Some turn to violence, and extremist organisations prey on that resentment. But it is difficult for their parents to afford high fees of private schools.

The owners of private schools should think about this issue that they should reduce the fees or run a scholarship for certain percentage of students, and make the acquisition of education easy and convenient for all people.  According to the teachings of Islam:
“Acquisition of Knowledge is duty of every Muslim man and woman”.

It is the duty of the school owners that they should try to make education affordable for as many people as possible.