Education Quality in Government Schools

- Pakistani

Government schools are managed by the provincial governments. They are highly subsidised and charge nominal fees but education standard in Govt schools is falling down day by day.

They are struggling to provide quality education to the students. Students are facing problems because of lack of facilities. Government teachers are not being appointed on merit basis, political biasness interferes in it.

The main problem of failure of government schools is poor management. Teachers are not provided training courses opportunities. Therefore they are not aware of modern creative teaching techniques.

The medium of government schools has been changed from Urdu to English but teachers are not being provided refreshing courses to teach this new medium with interesting methods. Most of the teachers do not know the modern teaching techniques and they rely on old methodologies. They are unable to develop students’ interest therefore they cannot be motivated to learn.

Government schools have computer labs but there are not many teachers to teach students how to operate computers. Government should appoint staff according to the requirements.

Government and specially ministries of education should pay special attention to improve the government schools’ standards. They should arrange training courses for the teachers to learn modern teaching techniques and to teach the students by developing their interest in studies. Teachers must be provided opportunities to polish their abilities. There should be such system that teacher must be accountable in front of the school authorities.

Most of the government schools are victim of lack of facilities. The government should keep a check that students are able to avail the required facilities.