Pakistan Railways Crises

- Pakistani

Pakistan Railways is a national transport service. It provides an important mode of transportation in the farthest corners of the country and brings them closer for business, sight-seeing, pilgrimage and education. Railway has been a cheapest mode of transportation for passengers and goods.  It is under the administration of federal government and its head quarter is in Lahore.

The domestic road transportation system was not well developed at the time of independence. Railways were the main means of transportation. In the 1970s and 1980s road and air networks grew considerably faster than did the railways.

Pakistan Railways is an important source of transportation throughout the country which helps in growth of economy for the country.

But now Pakistan Railway is facing a number of problems due to mismanagement, poor maintenance and shortage of locomotives, fuel and money. The available locomotives are in poor condition therefore trains breakdown in the mid-way and people have to wait for a long time for repairing or replacement of the faulty engine.

A number of train routes of Pakistan Railways have been cancelled and many more will be suspended in near future. Mostly trains are too late and passengers have to wait for a long time therefore passengers are not sure that at which time they will reach to their destination.

The trains are in a worst condition and passengers have to suffer because of lack of facilities of lights and fans. Seats are also in a poor condition. The ticket checkers are also too lazy and they do not perform their duties well.

The platforms are mostly full of people, frustrated and disowned by the Pakistan Railway but not even a single railway official bother to meet these people and to care about their problems.

Pakistan Railways need to improve locomotives and availability of fuel. Pakistan Railway should reduce the trains’ fare to provide convenience to the public. If Pakistan Railway fails to improve its services, the country will move towards financially bankruptcy. Pakistan Railway needs to improve the trains’ conditions and to provide facilities in the trains as well as at the platforms.

I hope these problems would be solved and people again would prefer to travel by trains.