Solar Panels: best source of alternative energy in Pakistan

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In Pakistan, due to the rising costs of electricity and fuel, people are no more able to use UPS and generators. They prefer to install solar panel system in houses. Though it is expensive to buy for the first time but it does not charge any bill at the end of the month. It does not have installation cost and it has not any wiring charges.

Using solar panels is one of the easiest and cost effective solutions for renewable energy. In the age of soaring utility prices, it might be just the right time to switch over to solar panels for our homes so we can benefit from the free electricity they generate.

Pakistan has an ideal climate for solar energy given hot, sunny climate, long daytime hours. For Pakistan producing electricity from the sun is very easy.  Though due to the increased demand, Pakistan import Solar panels. Sales of solar energy panels have increased about 40 per cent compared to last year. Chinese solar panels are cheaper as compared to the panels that are imported from the Germany.

There are two types of solar panels

  • Small Solar Panels
  • Large Solar Panels

Small solar panels are for household usage and are being proved cheaper one as compared to UPS and generators. In the houses, with the use of solar energy, electricity bill reduces to a great extent.

Large solar panels are for industrial use. The strong installation of solar Panels shows best results in technically challenging environments. Solar energy is the most economical way to get energy and power for commercial or domestic usage!

UPS increased the electricity bills by up to 40 per cent per month by charging batteries; therefore people are forced to install solar panels.

Government should subsidise solar energy products for their promotion, adding the technology might be costly and unaffordable for the consumers, but it would give life-time savings and benefits to them.

This system will be installed to meet the desired requirement in watts/hour basis.

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    Indeed solar power is the best source of alternative energy in Pakistan. I prefer it to UPS and diesel generators. I would like to add that Mansha Brothers also provides reasonable prices for panels and other solar energy solutions in Pakistan.