Pakistan’s Major Problem, Lack of Job Opportunities, Taking it Towards Low Progress

- Pakistani

This is an admitted fact that Pakistani students are intelligent and hardworking but they cannot get the jobs because there are not enough jobs opportunities. This is terrible for the Pakistan’s economy that there are lots of well and healthy people who have the ability to work but have no work because of the fact that there are not many vacancies around.

Due to the low job opportunities most of the Pakistanis have to compromise to join the fields that are not related to their studies and it takes a lot of time and energy to develop interest in the new field.

There are so many people who cannot find a reasonable job so they become frustrated and start looking for different immoral options to make their livings. 
Government of Pakistan is not doing anything and has no solid plan to help the employment situation. In the result people see no hope of development and look for ways to move out of the country.

  • Rizqehalaal

    Its very bad for younger generation for getting low low Employment