Pakistan: On the Turn of Revolution with Imran Khan

- Pakistani

Pakistan is a rich country in natural resources and it is also gifted with natural beauty. Pakistani people are intelligent and hard working. Pakistan’s main problem is corrupt leadership and the country desperately needs a good leader who can lead by example.

At present ruling elite of Pakistan is so dumb and dis-loyal to the country. That is the reason Pakistan is facing so many problems today e.g. virtually no foreign investment, lack of job opportunities, lack of educational facilities, energy crises etc.

There is a need of a good leader who can bring Pakistan out of this darkness. I think Imran Khan is a good leader because he has thought provoking ideas to bring change in Pakistan.  He has excellent plans to rescue the country from the impending disasters. Above all he is very passionate about good justice system and merit, and these two things are basis of any good society.

Imran Khan is a hope for Pakistan. He is very popular amongst all age groups and in every corner of Pakistan. The only thing about Imran is he has not been in power before and we don’t know how he would behave when he becomes Prime Minister. Let’s hope for the best!