Karachi: Late Marriages is a Major Problem, Specially for Girls

- Pakistani

Karachi, the biggest city of Pakistan is facing so many problems. Among other problems one major problem is late marriages. This is not a slight problem and it affects the lives of the people.

The major reason of late marriages seems unemployment that boys want to settle before they are going to be married. It takes a long time to get a job and settle down because there are very low opportunities of jobs. There is unavailability of suitable match because girls are mostly highly educated and parents have to face the problems to find a suitable match for their daughter.

Time is crucial factor for girls because with increasing age, chances of getting good match decrease. Then girls have to suffer to choose that life partner which might be not suitable for her.  After completing their qualification if they would not be able to choose life partner, they join the institutions for further studies or jobs.

In this case their expectations become high and they want to find life partner with high qualification and good job status, which might not be available. Due to increase in this problem, many girls and boys could now be seen living a bachelor’s life.

This social problem is increasing day by day and there seems nothing any effort to solve this problem. Government authorities only concentrate on the bigger issues. If this problem remains in the same condition, it will spoil the future of many people. There should be such opportunities that students can avail to make practice of job patterns, during their education period. In this way after completing their qualification they would be aware of some knowledge regarding jobs. They must be provided opportunities where they can do efforts and would be able to get chances of progress.