Gulmakai: Shining hope for Pakistan

- Pakistani

In Sawat, life is difficult for people especially for girls because there are not enough opportunities around. They were threatened by Taliban in 2009 that these girls cannot seek education. Malala Yousafzai is a girl from Minogra, studying in 9th grade. She is a light of hope for other girls who have the aspiration for education.

At 8th International Conference on Women Leadership in Islamabad last week, Yousafzai was given the excellence award in the category of “The Future of Pakistan”.

She was surprised when she received the award. It was unbelievable for her to call her the future of Pakistan. She now wants encouragement to complete her long and tough journey.

She blames the government of Pakistan that it is not providing enough educational opportunities for the people of Swat. Her writings express the miserable feelings that other adults were not able to describe. She says that only Pakistan Army is trying to recover Swat from the frightened consequences of Taliban.

Her parents feel sense of pride and say that their daughter will go very far.  In 2009 when Taliban had stronghold in Swat, her father was the spokesman of the Jirga. One of the correspondents of BBC went to see him and asked him to find a female teacher to write down the cruelties of Taliban but due to the life threats by Taliban, no one agreed. This young girl wrote about Taliban’s cruel behaviour and she wrote for the safety and peace of her land.
She has ambitions for Pakistan to be the best place in whole world for educational facilities.

The question is if Pakistan has such brilliant stars why could it not be a developed country? I think we need to provide more opportunities for such students so they can progress and fulfil their dreams. Pakistan has so much shining students; we only need keep them motivated.