Rehman Malik’s Announcement for Resignation from Senate Membership

- Pakistani

Rehman Malik, the advisor of Prime Minister on interior affairs, had resigned from his senate membership. 

Malik said that he had abandoned his British citizenship and that the dual nationality bill had not been proposed in order to facilitate him. He also showed the documents to the reporters as evidence that he had given up the foreign nationality. 

He admitted that he established a company in the UK when he was deported but on the advice of Benazir Bhutto he had resigned from the business. He further said that he also wanted to resign from the position of adviser but was stopped by the president from doing so.

He also said that he would not acquire any other nationality in the future.  He took good decision of resign. When anyone thinks about his/her own self that he/she is not able to survive more in any position then it is a good decision to give up instead of taking greed of the power.  But there is an important thing that after resign he should not make any clash with the members of the senate.