Islamabad: Large Quantity of Private Schools with Lack of Facilities

- Pakistani

In the federal capital, there are so many private schools. Some of them are not registered by the concerned authorities. The schools have established in the houses that are situated in the residential areas. These are the small houses that have neither proper classrooms nor wide grounds for the recreational activities of students.  

These schools have very limited spaces that they cannot provide the facility of parking to the staff and the teachers have to park the cars on roadsides that create traffic problems. Concerned authorities are not taking any interest in the public problems. 

Thus these private schools have not purpose based buildings therefore they cannot provide all the facilities to the children. They might tend to spend money on computers but because of shortage of rooms they might not be able to arrange a proper computer lab. In fact so many people are opening the school to run the business in the form of private school. 

I visited a school for getting some information for the completion of my project. That was a school private school for primary level which was consisted of three rooms and the classes were arranged in the TV launch and garage also. After the school time the principal use that building as a house. 

This is the matter of students’ future; concerned authorities should pay serious attention about the school systems. There should be purpose based buildings; if in any serious case it is not possible then it should be ensured that students can avail all the facilities.