Islamabad: A City of Lights, Turning to City off Lights

- Pakistani

After the formation of Pakistan in 1947, Karachi was its capital but it was felt that a new and permanent Capital City had to be built to reflect the diversity of the Pakistani nation. It was considered pertinent to locate the new capital where it could be isolated from the business and commercial activity of the Karachi, and yet be easily accessible from the remotest corner of the country.

In 1958 a commission was constituted to select a site for capital city. In 1960 Islamabad was constructed as a purpose based capital city. There are so many sights of natural beauty in the Islamabad and it was constructed so beautifully.

It is the responsibility of the people to keep it maintain and to try to produce more facilities according to the need of the time. But Alas, there is not seemed the required progress. The citizens living in the localities lying close to the Red Zone Area are facing more electricity and gas problems as compared to other areas.

Along with other residential and commercial areas Quaid-e- Azam University is also in this area. The students would have to face a lot of problems. Along with this area other areas of Islamabad are also facing problems due to the electricity problems.  Due to this problem students and office workers are so much frustrated that they could not do work while they want to make efforts.

In this age of computer, with the electricity problem people could not complete their work in the given time. Students are so much disturbed that they cannot complete their assignments and projects in the given time and due to late submission they have to accept the deduction of marks.  This factor is going to spoil the future of the students.

The lightening in the Islamabad was so much impressed that people go to see the beautiful decoration of the lightening  but now no one knows that when the light has to turn off and for how much time. This decreased the enjoyment of the people.  When any one stands at the place called “PEER SOHAWA”, in the evening and sees the lightened view of Islamabad, feels a sense of amazing. But if there is no proper facility of electricity no one can enjoy the happy moments of life.

Along with the capital, in the whole country there is needed to make serious efforts to overcome the deficiency of electricity and to make efficient plans to use all possible sources to generate electricity. It is so much necessary to save the future of the students and to get progress in the world. Otherwise the people will be in the darkness as it is for the unavailability of the electricity.