Pakistani Students Taking Part in the Malaysian Tracks

- Pakistani

For taking part in the Shall Eco Marathon students’ teams, from eighteen countries were busy in testing their cars.  Before starting competition technical experts check the students’ cars.

There is team of technical officials who took all the cars under their security and then check all the cars and declare the results that whether the car is ready to participate in the marathon or not. This phase is intriguing for the students.

In the last year’s competition, Pakistanis teams stuttered badly. After technical inspections only three teams reached the track and rest of the cars had failed.

This year, all teams are doing better in this phase and  also are the Pakistanis. There is seen a great improvement in students’ performance as compared to the last years. This is the third year of the competition and every year students are going towards improvement.

HSE Specialist Jumari Mohammad said “I hope to see a high percentage of total teams pass the safety tests this year” Pakistani students are showing the best performance. “These students are very intelligent, they are just as smart as the students from the other nations and their technical knowledge is sound” says Abid Ibrahim General Manager External Affairs at Shell Pakistan.

He explained that Pakistani students have talent and education. The major hindrance is investment and their experience.  The cars from other teams can value up to $25,000, but Pakistani students are entering with $2000 cars and still competing.

Pakistanis have limited resources but it is their enthusiasm to participate. They have no hydrogen fuel vehicle. They have ambitions and potentials to participate and compete in any field but there is only need to guide and train them. If they are provided with enough resources they will be motivated enough and could be able to make better achievement.