Pakistani Drop outs and their Social Life

- Pakistani


In Pakistan it is a major problem that most of the students do not complete their education and leave the school.

Pakistan’s Literacy rate is 50% and according to National Educational Policy, in literacy rate, the placement of Pakistan among the Muslim world is 31 out of 35 countries and globally 134 out of 180 countries. About 25 precent of children are not enrolled in primary schools and 50 percent of those enrolled, drop-out before completing primary school. The drop-out rate is almost 50% which is very high.

According to my point of view there are several reasons of drop outs. Some of them are the following:

Attitude of Parents

Parents are the first teachers of a child. They are responsible to for the powerful foundation of the child. In our country some parents do not pay enough attention on child’s education. 

In the result children do not show the better performance and at last they cannot continue their studies. In this way many of the shining students spoil their future.  I think this is the basic and most important key factor for increasing the rate of drop outs. 

There is need to give awareness to the parents about education and to motivate them to send their children to school with full responsibility. They should be realised that they are responsible for every activity of their child.


Poverty is also a major problem for parents to continue their study of their children. Now a days, In Pakistan poverty is growing alarmingly fast. Parents send their children to school but for so many expenses they are compelled to sit the child in the home.

Then these parents tend to send their children for labourer work. They think that they can earn money in the form of labourer. Now the minds of these children cannot get progress towards education. They admit that they have to do labour work for the whole life. 

There is need to reduce the expenses of education that everyone would be in a position to get education that is everyone’s basic right. During the education period students should be assigned as works through which they can earn money with the enhancement of their learning such as internships, data entry work etc.

Lack of Basic Facilities

In schools there are not the facilities available that students require. This leads to students’ trouble and boredom.  In this way they tend to leave the school without completing their education.  

There is need that they should be provided the maximum facilities and with there should be interesting activities for them to keep them motivated. 

Untrained Teachers

Teacher is the most important person in the student’s life. Students follow the teacher and try to be like him/her. 

In Pakistan there is problem that there are not trained teachers. Untrained teachers try to apply different experiences upon students and this result most of the students do not like to go to school. They impose different types of restriction on students for which student wants to relax in the home.

This problem should be solved immediately. There should be a law that only trained teachers would be allowed to teach the students. There should be different teacher training programs in which teachers should be trained to teach by different interesting activities. Teachers should provide the opportunities to students that they can speak what they want. 

Regular assessment

 In Pakistan there is annual assessment system in most of the schools that is not as much effective. If any student could not perform in his/her final paper his/her whole years performances will be spoiled, might be he/she will so good in his/her class performance.  

In some cases if students fail in annual exams they do not continue their studies. Instead of this if they would be regularly assessed and motivated to improve their performance, they would be able to show better result.

In some of the Pakistani universities there is regular assessment system which leaves a very good impact on student’s performance. 

I observed that most of the students prefer those institutions where are regular assessment system because students find it an essay one.