The Role of Pakistani officials to lift the Ban of militants on anti-polio vaccination.

- Pakistani

In Pakistan northwest tribal area, the local military leader Hafiz Gul Bahadur banned the anti-polio campaign. It is the federally administered tribal areas. This is the third time the Taliban have banned polio vaccinations in areas under their control.

Their leader Gul Bahadur demands that he will not allow the anti polio vaccination team to come to his region until America stops the drone attacks. They are distributing the pamphlets, warning the polio vaccination teams to stop their work or they have to face dire consequences.
A senior government official requested the governor of north-western Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province to direct the political agent of North Waziristan to talk with this group to lift the ban of anti-polio vaccination.
The government official said vaccinating all children in the tribal areas was a top priority in Pakistan’s polio eradication programme. The federal government has told the governor to use all available means to ensure that the polio campaigns in the tribal area are not disrupted for the sake of tribal children in particular and Pakistan in general.
Pakistani officials should persuade the militants to save the life of thousands of children. If this ban will continue there is danger of paralysis of so many children.