Proper Use of Natural Resources is a Way to get Progress

- Pakistani

Our beloved homeland Pakistan is blessed with a lot of natural resources like natural gas, coal, gold and copper. There is only need to use these resources in a best way.

For using these resources human power is required. The human power should be skilled and trained to get benefits from these resources.  A developed human resource cadre is like a foundation on which you can build anything. “It is like Pakistan has the treasure and its people have to find”. Pakistan has so many brilliant minds. It is facing problems for the deficiency of electricity and petrol which could be overcome by their own efforts. Pakistani scientists had succeeded in converting coal into gas, after experiments in December 2011. A heavy amount of coal gas was being produced in Thar that could be used to produce cheap electricity, diesel and petrol.

There is a great number of young generation who has no activity besides wandering here and there, without any purpose. These people should be guided to do work and earn money by using natural resources. By using these resources we can overcome on poverty and make the Pakistan a self-reliant country.
There is need to teach the people how they can do work to go towards development. Government should take a keen interest to arrange different programs to train their people. Education department should also pay more attention to plan such activities for students that would lead them to use the available resources.