Pakistanis’ Migration to Seek Development

- Pakistani

It is a natural phenomenon that every Pakistani loves its country but in case of severe conditions anyone would be compelled to leave the country in order to fulfil the requirements of his/her life.

Now days our country is facing the crises that the migration rate to abroad is increasing so rapidly. Unemployment rate is alarming. It is the nature of the person that he/she wants to go towards development.

Pakistan has so many brilliant minds and when they see no opportunity of development in their country then they try to move anywhere else. When they get better income and facilities in any other country then they do not make mind to come back toward their own country.

In this way our Pakistanis are contributing in the progress of other countries rather than Pakistan but with these situations in Pakistan it is their need to go because they cannot spoil their future.

If this situation will continue, Pakistan will lose lots of its scholars. In this scenario there is dire need that government should pay attention on this issue. It should provide opportunities to people to work and get progress. If they are provided an environment they would take the country toward development and the country would be able to get its people services.

The people would try to develop their own country by their services instead of providing services to other countries. In this way there would be more opportunities for employment as well as for the development.