Priyanka Bharti´s toilet is a gleaming symbol of the empowerment of Indian women.

- Pakistani

A woman in India named Priyanka Bharti was married to a man in Vishnupur Khurd in Uttar Pradesh. When she came to her new house she saw that there was no toilet facility. The people there go to the fields to squatting but it was shameful for her. 

This is a major social problem in India that can create so many health problems as well as it is a great distinction between traditional and modern lifestyles.

She made a protest and was insisted not to stay with her husband in that house where there is no toilet facility. One of India’s largest social organisations heard about her protest and adopted her cause as a way to promote better public health through proper toilet facilities.

It even awarded Priyanka a 200,000-rupee ($3,600) prize that was presented at the official opening of the small toilet building, with the bride agreeing to move back in with her husband. She is a courageous woman whose example encourages better sanitation.  It is a good effort to move towards progress.