Crackdown on doctors aggravates medical crisis in Punjab

- Pakistani

In Pakistan the Doctors’ strike is on-going for the last fourteen days. There seems a clash among our Government and the Doctors. The Doctors are demanding three things; First one is the direct appointment of medical officer at grade 18, Equal salary for both post-graduate and medical officer, Health professional allowance equal to basic salary.

But there is no assurance of fulfilment of their demands. Instead of fulfilling their demands the Health Department of Punjab is going to blacklist the doctors. In the cities there is no doctor for the treatment of patients. This is the worst condition of any country. To arrest the doctors by the police led to the worst situation that to hearing this remaining young doctors left the hospitals. 

This reaction of Punjab Government led to demotivation. There is need for settlement and this problem can be solved by negotiation. These conditions are feasible and can be fulfilled. 

Our Government is trying to solve this problem by pressurising the doctors which seems not a suitable way.  Instead of this, the government can solve the problem by accepting their requirements. These requirements are their rights and they deserve for it. It is necessary to keep their motivational level high and to keep them on working. 

If we expect for their best services we have to make them satisfied.  There is need for a rapid solution of this problem.